August 19th, Test Engineer Feedback

Again G99 training courses have found some great clients. On the Aug 19th course, we have had some of the best engineers we have every had on any of our previous courses, in the photo above are just two of the trainees who attended, the other two could not be shown for security reasons as they work in the HM Prison service.

But the two people in the photo are Ina Ilieva and Manish Bhagat. Ina said she hoped that the photo showing a lady on the course would encourage others to attend. We are so pleased with the standard of clients we are now receiving; our upward curve is shown again by the fact that we have been asked to train several DNO Engineers on the understanding of G99/1-4 testing procedures.

For us this is great news because it gives us the opportunity to see what the DNO Engineers are thinking and how they will be endeavouring to implement the massive changes that have been given to us within G99/1-4.

We will give you more feedback on that two-way conversation after the course next month.