Thanks for visiting our page which should help you understand what we are offering in the way of G99 Test Engineer training Courses, the basic set up we have developed for 2019 is based on two courses.

If you only want an introduction to how G99 works in place of G59/3-4 and only require basic knowledge of how the on-site tests are carried out for the DNO, we are covering that in a one Day 9-5 Course, and we have that priced at £350.00.

If however you want to be able to carry out onsite DNO witness testing and to fully understand how G99 and G100 works in relation to those tests, then we offer the 5 Day course, which by the way we have been running for 10 Years, but with G59 as the guiding principle recommendations, we have set this cost at £2500.00 for 2019, which is cheaper than it has ever been.

We are hoping this is going to encourage even more engineers to undertake the test engineer course. Because extra numbers will be required in the coming Years, when all the sites have to be retro fitted, using new relays and settings to incorporate (ROCOF).

If you are seriously thinking about trying to get registered as a contractor to undertake the retro fitting of the new relays and carrying out on site witness tests, you would have to do this 5 Day course because it also incorporates the knowledge you are requested to have by the ENA Panel on how the relays you are working with function.

As for available courses we are now running at least one of each type every Month, but as we only ever take a small amount of clients on each training course, date selection and advanced booking is now recommended.

For companies who want several engineers on the same course and the same Date, we are offering special rates for multiple bookings.

We are based in Staffordshire.

We have dates booked for training as follows:

October 21st (Spaces available)
November 18th (Spaces available)