We are pleased to be offering a country wide testing service, to supply both G99 and G100 on site witness or non witness tests.

The basic guiding principles will always be based on the requirements for the connection of generation equipment in parallel with public distribution networks on or after, 27 April 2019 (G99 or G100).

These tests will be developed on a bespoke structure after a full conversation with the DNO engineers involved.

The standard that governs mains protection in the UK and Ireland is (as of April 2019), G99. G99 mains protection is an important regulatory standard for both network operators (DNOs) and power generators. For the DNOs and utility companies, G99:

• Ensures safe balanced operation of the distribution system.
• Guarantees reliable delivery of high quality electricity.
• Allows smooth involvement of the distributed generation.
• Enables remote control of power supply sources.
For generating companies, G99 offers:
• reliable protection of their plant.
• simple and standardised implementation across the whole of the UK.

When we attend site for testing we will bring our own calibrated test equipment and general connection equipment, appertaining to a smooth set up procedure.

The G100 Engineering Recommendations are for guidance of any export restricted systems.

We have over the last 10 years done many of these tests and when required we will bring to site our own power injection equipment.

We can work with any DNO in the UK and Ireland, and most of the engineers will either know our lead tester Dave Pallas or will have trained with him. For any DNO witness testing you may require on any enbeded generation system, please get in touch, and we will take your instructions and supply you with a fixed quotation.

We are pleased to inform any clients new or old, that we are now on the recommended list of testing contractors that The National Grid and the DNOs are showing on their websites.

On behalf of The National Grid and the DNO’s, the ENA have set up a webpage with the all of the information currently available. Of course there will be a lot more information being made available in June, but the page can be found at: