Test Engineers Needed

Why is G99 mains protection important?
The power generation landscape has seen a dramatic change over recent year. Instead of relying on a relatively small number of high-capacity power stations, we are turning towards a much larger number of low-capacity generators. Wind Farms, photo-voltaic (PV) solar sites and hydroelectric plants are replacing coal and oil power stations. In 2017, renewable sources generated 30% of the UKs energy.

The Renewable Industry Needs Test Engineers
With the change from G59/3-4 to the new G99 and G100 ENA Recommendations there is going to be a massive requirement for DNO Test Engineers in the coming Years.

The fact is, there is going to be several alterations to the G99 recommendations, the main change will require every SSEG under the out-put of 5 Meg, to be re-tested, so the system can use (ROCOF) instead of Vector Shift for the Loss of Mains protection.

This will also mean that the many thousands of systems that are now controlled by older relays, which only give Vector Shift Protection for Loss of mains will need replacing, and here is the reason we will be needing more test engineers and that is, it is calculated that there could be as many as 50,000 systems that will need this upgrade.

One of the requirements from the ENA is that all test engineers are fully conversant with the relay they are either refitting or re-setting, so with this in mind we have changed our training course to incorporate the required relay training, so when you have finished our training course you will be able to register as a contractor to carry out this massive amount of tests.

We believe this is a great opportunity for electrical engineers that are already working in the industry, to forge an even strong future and with our G99 training course, we can take new electrical engineers and students with an electrical background from outside the industry, and get you ready to register on the ENA Contractors List, after this registration you will be ready to start testing.

We are mindful that for clients that are new to this industry, this upgrade to your knowledge will not be easy, but we will help all we can, so you can get registered on the Contractors list, as we have done. And with over 10 Years of Training Test Engineer’s and carrying out Hundreds of tests there is nothing we have not seen or done before, so don’t worry we can get you ready to go.

So we are running our Test Engineer Training Courses at the rate of one per Month for the next 6 Months, but if you are interested in developing a new income stream please be mindful, that we only take 4 clients on each course so pre booking is very important.

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