We are able to supply full and inclusive consultancy services pertaining to all the new engineering recommendations. We would like to advise that if you are seeking any of these services, please do so as soon as possible, as delay on obtaining the correct information can only cause delay and thereafter additional expense.

We take a collaborative approach, using our technical expertise to complement and enhance our clients’ capabilities and industry knowledge. We assemble each team to specifically match each project, combining technical excellence with commercial awareness.

Below is a basic list of the main areas we consult on, but we are not restricted to just these and will have an open discussion regarding any project.

• Feasibility studies
• Planning and development services
• Full system design
• Public consultation
• Environmental impact assessments
• Site layout and siting support
• Due diligence and risk analysis
• Grid connection advisory services
• ICP contract negotiations
• ICP conductor routes
• DNO direct negotiations
• Tender specification consultancy

We have worked with every DNO in the Country carrying out witness tests and developing many ICP projects. This gives us the inside information everyone needs to get the best out of your dedicated DNO engineer. We feel absolutely unequalled in both our training background and our ability to bring complicated projects to a satisfactory conclusion.

With long experience working in this highly regulated sector, where safety and reliability are paramount, we help our clients understand and evaluate emerging technologies, to create genuinely unique and viable systems.

The energy market is changing faster than ever, in both supply and demand. Generation and distribution must embrace renewables, micro-grids and micro-generation, while continually reducing the carbon intensity of the supply chain. This calls for dramatic improvements in operational efficiency, using improved knowledge which we are confident we can bring to your aid.

Please take our word that we will welcome every new client with both politeness and an open and un biased mind.