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We can offer you both training and a National Witness Testing service. And if you require a full consultation service well again you have come to the right website, please get in touch using any of our contact information.



We have been asked many times by potential customer, if we do online training courses and the answer until now, has always been no. But we have now developed what we believe is the only online courses, which cover all the new recommendations ie, G98/1-4 – G99/1-4 andG100/1-2 and it’s all online.

And we are absolutely thrilled with the outcome, we have spent months developing these courses and we are confident that anyone who wants to gain more knowledge about any of the new engineering recommendations will gain all they need using this system.

You can gain so much knowledge that if you do all the 3 courses you will be ready to undertake the Witness Test Engineer Course, without having to do the standard 5 Day course.

You can sign up for free and you don’t even have to register with a credit card, and when you have signed up, you can view the massive amount of information which is held on these courses.

And with this online portal if you are finding any particular subject difficult, you can arrange an online training session with the lecturer, on a one to one basis.

At last the ENA/NGESO have opened the Accelerated Loss of Mains Change Programme (ALOMCP) and therefore if you have any SSEG that was installed before February 2018, now is the time to get it registered.

If you don’t do it straight away you could lose out on any financial support you may have received from the authority, and as they are running this as a first come first served system, now is the time.

G99 training have now received the backing of Omicron, who are without doubt the leading suppliers of top quality testing equipment in the UK.

Their whole ethos is covered with this statement from them:

“OMICRON serves the electrical power industry with innovative products and services for testing, diagnostics and monitoring of assets worldwide. We help to make the generation, transmission and distribution of electricity safe and reliable.”

At G99 training we are proud to have the support of such a company.

Recently G99 conducted a training session for Fronius at their head office in Milton Keynes. It was a great day, attended by 15 very knowledgeable clients. The training was so successful that Fronius are going to structure more training days for G99 to front.

Those that attended said they found the course informative, with the subject being well covered.

Ina Ilieva who is shown in the picture above is a lead engineer at one of the UK’s main power stations and it was a privilege to hold conversations with her about areas within G99 testing which no one has ever answered correctly in over 15 years of training.

This level of feedback from clients must confirm not only that, we are the only test engineer training centre to carry out this level of training, but also the best informed.

So, if there are any ladies who are looking to improve their electrical testing and engineering skills we will always welcome you here at